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Check out my music when you google  or go to Evrist. For complete songs, you can go to itunes and look up artist Jessica Evrist.  

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Check out a few of the pictures here.  Connect with Jessica Evrist on  myspace and facebook- ChaYah Shalom (which means "living soul, peace" shin, lamed, waw and mem, to destroy authority attached to chaos.

Bits and pieces of musical influences set in The Rock.

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Could what we deem as harmless be the "Image of the Beast"?

31/12/2010 06:53
  by Jessica Evrist on Friday, December 31, 2010. I just woke up this "early before morning" at 3:33 am with these thoughts from scripture in the book of Revelations. "And YHWH/God sent to them a strong delusion that they should worship "the image of the Beast" and this is what was...

Inherited idolatry.

27/12/2010 09:03
  We know not to love mother, daughter, father, son, more than our Lord. But what about our family traditions, man's traditions, false doctrine, or even doctrine of devils more than God's commands?   We know that the statistics in the church are about equal to the world's statistics...

Christmas is not annointed by Our God like we thought! We've been hoodwinked by satan!

15/12/2010 06:41
Oh church.. you may not like to hear this.. but hear this!!... we have been bewitched! The dead tree we have cut off is a mockery of us! If you google it. the balls on it dipped in gold and silver were from castrated priests! Just because it is annointed with the word "Christmas" we sanctify it?...

Guerilla Oppostion. Illegal warfare. Why are so many Christians still sick and diseased even though Satan's reign has been defeated by the cross of Christ?

31/08/2010 01:42
Demon spirits that bring infirmity and disease have no legal right to continue to oppress believers but they know that thousands of people do not know that Satan has made a surrender and has been defeated. Demons continue their illegal opposition to their heritage in Christ and they defeat many...

Saints or sinners? Priests, Lords, Kings, Hosts or slaves and prodigal sons. which are you?

07/08/2009 07:10
We are Heavenly Hosts! Our Father, who is in Heaven , Hallowed be thy name. THY KINGDOM COME, thy will be done.....ON EARTH. as it is in heaven. (we aren't supposed to want to die and go to heaven.) We are supposed to occupy until he comes... but we are called to be hosts of heaven and bring...

"Testing , testing , one , two, check!!! " The Kingdom of Heaven. notes from the teaching of Dr. Barry Lenhardt

21/07/2009 22:15
These are notes taken from hearing a lecture by Dr. Barry Lendhart. the parenthesis are my interjections.  (YaHuWsHua)/Jesus is our brother by family, savior by circumstance. (YaHuWsHua)/Jesus is family first. He said, "OUR FATHER who art in Heaven...." He is our savior by circumstance. Taste...

Do you have powerful prayers and do you believe that you can have what you say? Our words are powerful. Be imitators of God. Ask and you shall receive....

15/07/2009 23:00
Wake up Church! When we are aware and in urgent need of prayer,  even when we are speaking to God for everyday conversation that speaking in tongues is proper for accomplishing God's will on earth as it is in heaven. We were created to worship God. satan hates it and wants to stop us from...

Do you love peace more than freedom? Or will you employ the 7 P's?

06/07/2009 19:12
Prayer- "For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but they are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds and every high and lofty thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. " The prayer of a righteous man avails much." Some people would rather turn a blind eye that we...

Website launched

29/06/2009 09:41
Our new website has been launched today. Since the jot .com error of translation went to's web master we've lost our host so we are putting up pictures and hope to be able to download some sound bytes of music. Mosaicmusic is all over the world and on many internet sites. Try...

I Will Redeem The Time

29/06/1997 03:42
                                      If your hearts were not so hard,           ...