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Mosaic Music is for everyone to be encouraged to use their giftings and talents. Healing and comfort come when we minister to each other and so anyone who feels called to a music ministry to encourage one another with song is invited to contact us and share what God is speaking through them. We are HIs conduits and when we meditate on songs worthy of His attention, we will be edified and ready for His service. Being ready to deliver HIs message of hope by the purification process is a journey in itself. We "offer up our bodies as living sacrifices Holy and acceptable unto HIm." We dedicate ourselves to HIs purifying work through our own brokenness. When we are broken and come together in Christ , our Rock, He makes a beautiful Mosaic.

About Us

Jessica Evrist is a believer in Christ, ( the Savior of the world). She has written songs, published  and performed them since 1997 when the band Mosaic was formed . The group started with  three other talented young ladies to help fund raise for a food distribution ministry for Sonrise Christian fellowship in Simi Valley, CA.  The concert was ministry based and Jessica shared  songs about her life struggles and her own brokenness. Many listeners were so pleased to hear that they were not alone and shared with her about their own struggles as they  identified with her songs . A ministry was born.

Since then,  Jessica has performed with other musicians in three other groupings of professional musicians and has done concerts as well as ministered to church groups in area churches, coffee houses , web radio and women's meetings. She has received some awards of honorable mention from Country Music Television and BMI.

Jessica is a dedicated  worshipper of God, mother, salon owner and cosmetologist . She ministers to her clients using every opportunity available and is available to minister in song  as led by the Spirit of God.

History of project

Mosaic Music was started in 1997. Worship leader Jessica Evrist started learning guitar from Michael Nunez another worship leader from Camarillo Vineyard in California. Her desire was to be able to accompany herself with playing music for singing as songs in great abundance came through her and she wanted to be able to minister to others with the comfort that she was receiving from God.

The name Mosaic comes from two sources, one being Moses and the Mosaic covenant following after God . The other reference is from artwork that Jessica admires of broken pieces of colorful glass set in mortar to make a beautiful mosaic. Combining the two influences with music  along with many types of musical genres to form " Mosaic Music" set in The Rock.