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YAH's Voice

08/02/2013 10:51
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Could what we deem as harmless be the "Image of the Beast"?

31/12/2010 06:53
  by Jessica Evrist on Friday, December 31, 2010. I just woke up this "early before morning" at 3:33 am with these thoughts from scripture in the book of Revelations. "And YHWH/God sent to them a strong delusion that they should worship "the image of the Beast" and this is what was...

mosaic music

27/12/2010 12:52

Inherited idolatry.

27/12/2010 09:03
  We know not to love mother, daughter, father, son, more than our Lord. But what about our family traditions, man's traditions, false doctrine, or even doctrine of devils more than God's commands?   We know that the statistics in the church are about equal to the world's statistics...

The Gift of Sex.

17/12/2010 17:41
Sex outside of marriage will only cause you harm Our society says, "No worries, don't fear or have alarm." But the ones who do indulge, sin against their inward man For it chips away at one's integrity, self-esteem, and land.   If God says no and you say yes, You better check again before...

We are the tabernacle!

16/12/2010 13:36
We need new wine, and going into the Holy of Holies to go before the throne of YaHuWaH to get some oil. (oil is made from trials and tribulations/pressings in the olive press that cause us to be willing to obey YHWH's commands) the  will to refill us, rather than using man's tradition, or...

Christmas is not annointed by Our God like we thought! We've been hoodwinked by satan!

15/12/2010 06:41
Oh church.. you may not like to hear this.. but hear this!!... we have been bewitched! The dead tree we have cut off is a mockery of us! If you google it. the balls on it dipped in gold and silver were from castrated priests! Just because it is annointed with the word "Christmas" we sanctify it?...

A New Season of Revelation Greetings!

08/12/2010 00:53
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Guerilla Oppostion. Illegal warfare. Why are so many Christians still sick and diseased even though Satan's reign has been defeated by the cross of Christ?

31/08/2010 01:42
Demon spirits that bring infirmity and disease have no legal right to continue to oppress believers but they know that thousands of people do not know that Satan has made a surrender and has been defeated. Demons continue their illegal opposition to their heritage in Christ and they defeat many...

Identifying the name of that principality or ruler over your domain, bind it so it cannot continue in it's destruction.

09/12/2009 23:10
I'm understanding territories and ruling spirits a bit better than a few days ago..... I'm reading a few different books and tonight the service in church was awesome and the Holy spirit spoke through my pastor confirmation of such. It is remarkable to understand that when YaHuWsHua did his...
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