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Jessica Evrist


A New Season of Revelation Greetings!

08/12/2010 00:53


Nicodemus was a Pharisee.

He heard the words of Yahuwshua, who could teach.

He came to Him in the night as his light was not too bright.

But he had ears to hear and eyes to see that Yahuwshua really was a king

who knew of God and His deep mysteries.


Yahuwshua said, “Spirit gives light to spirit, but flesh is born of flesh

He who has ears to hear and eyes to see what the Spirit speaks

To the churches/ set apart ones” about how to walk by Rhema/spiritual understanding

and not logos/hard shell/outer court understanding.

You can literally see the things that are clearly seen in the logos, face value, outer shell

And you can perceive/see the things that are not so evident in Rhema/spirit/inside of the nut where the meat is.

But that can take a long time to soak that hard shell/hard word/hard saying/parable in the washing of the water of the word before it cracks

open and exposes the real meaning.. the interpretation of the parable.


This is the difference between the "letter of the law"/carnal understanding

and the spirit of the law of righteousness/right understanding.

Not the Old Testament versus the New Testament. 

A new covenant of provision/grace  to help the sick and needy in our infirmities...

because we did not learn torah because the thieves got to us first...

is to help you to walk up higher and obey His torah.

To be your helper to get you into the Holy of Holies

Not to give license to your lower members to walk in carnality.

And keep you in bondage to sin and death keeping you from being light.


Yahuwshua is and was and always will be the Torah, God’s law, written upon your

heart and mind.

He is our rock on which we stand and both are “the way , the truth and the

The life because they are one.


Yahuwshua believed in the "no lamb left behind" program.

So he spoke to the Pharisee.

Do you really want to see what I see?

Do you really want to hear what I hear?

Or do you hide in your covert religiousity and lip service blocking the door

for others to enter in through the veil?


I know your works, your deeds, what you sow you reap

What you allow to be taught from the pulpit is it my two witnesses of

Truth and Spirit? Or is Jezebel the culprit?

Vain worship I am not pleased with, you spend your money on things with

No life in them. Dead idols of fancy and tradition cannot save you.


I’ve given you time to repent of your deeds for you do not listen to Me.

 There fore your children will be sick and die with no revelation for they

perish with no understanding. Do not remember to walk in the dead letter

and logos after you have tasted of my Rhema revelation by My Spirit.


Obedience to Yahuwah and His way of walking ,

Awaken out of your slumber

And rise out of your beastly mentality by

washing in the water of His word and obey His commandments.

"The law of YHWH is good."



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