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Jessica Evrist


Christmas is not annointed by Our God like we thought! We've been hoodwinked by satan!

15/12/2010 06:41
Oh church.. you may not like to hear this.. but hear this!!... we have been bewitched! The dead tree we have cut off is a mockery of us! If you google it. the balls on it dipped in gold and silver were from castrated priests! Just because it is annointed with the word "Christmas" we sanctify it? Easter is the same!
Our God says we ar...e living trees planted by rivers of living water! Psalm 1 and Jeremiah 10
Yes! sorry it wasn't with a skillful knife but more of a machete! We need to wake up church! We've been Jeze-belled about Christmas and the devil is ho ho ho-ing all the way down into the fire that we've allowed in our homes ! ( Santa coming into our home through our chimney!!! )
We've placed our children on his red hot lap with his firey coals like the pagans did with Molech!!!  We've sacrificed our children on the altars of Baal and were enslaved with getting them everything they desired by working ourselves into debt and having to have other people babysit while we went to work to slave to afford the things we've bought into. That god of excess- Odin has been playing us church!!!
(This is why.... all my life.. I have been all my life.... incepted ideas by the enemy that "People would not believe my words"!
And I tell the truth... but now I recognize that lie of the enemy to keep me intimidated and quiet! I'm now fully unveiled and I can see! Thank you Father God!!!! Thank you apostle Michael Petro and for unveiling me with the truth of God's mysteries!!! Hallelujah..
Now, for the battle Church!!! Read in Acts 17 when their world was turned upside down!  We've been hoodwinked church and this information should make us mad against the enemy of our souls! That crafty satan seducing us into celebrating and singing songs and us thinking we were celebrating Jesus birth? All along we were involving ourselves into inherited idolatry and opening up the door to divination and witchcraft!!!! UGH!!! Travail!!!! I am giving birth!!!! We are containers of Jesus and He wants out of our hiding places.. our dark places.. we are to let our light shine and not be fooled to have a false light!!!
Rise UP!!!... Priests!!!!! NO more fear in Jesus name!! MY Jesus is not going back in the crib because He is the conquering KING!!! Wake up my brothers!!! It takes a woman to come knocking at your door like the disciples hiding? Do not close the door on my face I just heard from our LORD! Not kidding!!!