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Jessica Evrist


Does God heal us today? Cancer..... and other diseases..

25/08/2009 09:04

Stay tuned as we are learning about healing in God's word.


"If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, then I will hear them and I will heal their land."

"God is good." "He has good plans for us not for evil, to give us a hope and a future. "

"Satan comes to steal , kill and destroy but I (Jesus) have come to give you life and more abundantly."

"Jesus , who bore our sins and sicknesses on the cross that we may have life."

When Jesus came to earth He came to set the captives free, loose us from the bonds of wickedness and deliver us from evil. Isaiah 58 tells us that His mission was to help us and not harm us..

Ezekiel 28 :11 tells us of a wicked angel Lucifer who wants to lead us away from God and to worship him instead.

                                              In Genesis satan in the form of a serpent told the woman , "Did God really say that you shall surely

                                die if you take of the tree of knowledge of good and evil?" When we use our lower carnal earthly

                                 knowledge and judge things with our soul instead of listening to our spirit or God speaking to our

                                spirit then we choose to eat or choose to make decisions for "For we wrestle not with flesh and blood,

                                 but against principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, spiritual wickedness in heavenly places."

                                  this verse tells us a lot of who tries to influence us outside of the knowledge of God.

                                    This is why we need to know God and be able to hear His voice.

                                   We also need to reprogram our ways and our thinking because most times we are thinking that 

                           we  deserve cancer or disease because we started up with a bad habit of smoking or  using                                

                          chemicals  etc..  these things also were started from outside influences in the first place.


                                             When you decide to go there and see how things got started with our bad habits.

                             like perhaps outside influences like over spending because we needed approval or anxiety

                           because we felt that we were not good enough.. who was telling us these lies in the first place?

                             Who tells these lies to our society in which we live? What programs or publications get us into

                             addictive habits or wrong information? God is where we need to get the right information from

                             and His word is life....

                              When Jesus was in the wilderness, sometimes we feel alone and in a wilderness too.

                             that is when we get thoughts from satan saying ,"oh you shouldn't be here! go kill yourself!

                             or making us doubt who we are or that we are loved. etc.. What did Jesus say back to the devil

                           when he was being tempted? "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds

                           out of the mouth of God. Also, do not tempt the Lord your God. Or worship the Lord your God .

                          whatever the temptation is for evil or destruction you can guarantee that the enemy is behind it.

                 BUT GOD has an answer in His word to fight the enemy with your shield of faith blocking the opposition.

                    He will provide a way of escape for you every time you ask!

                  When the man with the withered hand said, Lord if it be your will to heal me? Jesus said, it is my will.

                   The woman with the issue of blood for 12 years had only to lay hold of the hem of Jesus' garment as she

                  said in her heart, "If I just lay ahold of the hem of His garment then I shall be healed!" When Jesus noticed

                 that virtue had left Him , he said, "who touched me?" The woman confessed and he said, "woman, your faith

                 has made you healed." So she said, she acted and she touched God.

                   that is the pattern. God tells us to ask for HIm to move on our behalf!!!! So whatever you need,

                     Ask, Knock, seek

                     and receive God's best as He already redeemed us and paid for our sins and sicknesses on the cross.

                     All the curses were also paid for and we do not have to suffer. So lay Hold of God's word and use

                     your faith without doubting Him.

                     Why should we listen to the bad report when God already said!!!! Here is satan again....

                     " Did God Really say?"

                      Yes! God said. "by His stripes we were healed!!!! "

                        the 39 stripes on His back represents the

                       39 strains of disease and sickness in the world. Notice is was... past tense.... we were already healed..

                       it's just time that we walk in it...

                             When Moses delivered the children of Israel out of bondage from Egypt, the Lord wanted to do a quick

work.. Tonight!!!! Get ready!!!! But the israelites still had Egypt in their minds and thoughts for over 40 years

they were not able to get out of bondage in their mindset even though they already were set free!! Sometimes

people still want to whine and complain about their being a victim all their lives and why they cannot have what

they want or what God wants them to have.

When Jesus talked to the man by the pool of Salome for he had been there for thirty years waiting for a

miracle to happen so that he could get healed, Jesus said something strange to the man. "Do you want

to be healed?" then the paralytic man didn't actually answer the question but gave the excuse why he

couldn't be healed. When he was done with the excuses, then Jesus said, "Pick up your bed and walk!" He commanded

him in an authoritative voice and the man did it! So, if you need healing, decide that healing is for you because

God is for you and receive your healing. do not be double minded and doubt nor speak or curse anythting that

you are praying or believing for.

more later..