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Jessica Evrist


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24/08/2009 03:31
The woman is restored back to God.
Men (and women) need to recognize that.......
"In the spirit, there is not male nor female.."
What the women of God are more than the so (infants) "sitting" at the gates..
Back to the religious or back to Africa....why the women " have to do all " the hard labor is beyond me..

Do not do that... clean up after the men... who didn't do anything nor bring any meat...What do the men bring to the table? Where is the mentality of the men to think that we are supposed to serve them?
It says in the bible that the "husband" is to lay down himself for "his wife". Is that what Adam did in the garden?
He loved the part of himself ,the woman that He laid down all of his rights and served her.. Christ laid down all of His rights for His Church in advance. He gave up everything for Love. For Her..
Woman is to be valued.
Traditions... should they be kept when it comes to the woman doing everything for the man? What has that tradition done to the emasculation of man? Of degradation of woman? It is flip flopped.
Or I suppose you could religiously say...."If you want to be great in God's Kingdom... learn to be a servant of all.".
Well... if "all " just means men... but it doesn't . it means ALL.. that would be woman too... so not to baby any men.. and if we are talking husbands and wives.. then why should the single women do anything for single men, or even married men? Men quit sitting! Rise up and activate your warrior side. Fight, Know chivalry.
Or I suppose you could say...."Do unto others as you would want done unto you". Then that would be leading by example.
Or does God need to rise up the women into  leading men? Perhaps. 
"How to mentor men when you are a woman.". sounds like a great title for my book. I am the leader of men....
Jesus said, " I will make you fishers of men if you follow me."..

The disciples  now, can be similar to the Disciples back then especially when it comes to their relationships with women...
This is what is wrong with the men...they think women are to do all the work.. then when the women say something about it...they think that the women are just joking around... kidding. or if their eyes are open to their sin... then....all of a sudden they become bitches. Men. rise up.
God restored the woman. I'm so happy to be one. I am blessed. The Lord sees. I love my husband. Jesus is my husband. He treats me like royalty. Because He has made me the daughter of the King. I am the Queen of my territory and I attend to it.
"The men praise me in the gates".
"Pressed down, shaken together shall men pour unto your bosom.."..
I have what the men need ...not for their pleasure or to be taken advantage of...
"Wisdom stands at the gates." "in the multitude of counselors there is safety. "

"Come all you who have no money, come buy and eat.."
"Wisdom is a precious pearl above price, For she is far above rubies. "
Get you some correction and renew your mind.