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Jessica Evrist


God has been "given a bad rep."

18/07/2009 07:21

I think i said the abbreviation correctly? Rep as in representation or is it rap?

God wants all people to come into the knowledge of Him and that He has provided a way for all to know Him and his higher thoughts. You see God made Adam in the beginning to be able to enjoy life and be creative like Himself. God did provide a choice for man to choose so that man could choose to love God back as He, God loves man.

Way before man was created, there was an angel named Lucifer, Son of Light, who was the most beautiful angel created in charge of worship to God. Check this out for yourself read Ezekiel Chapter 28 12B through 19. He was a cherub so beautifully equipped with musical pipes built into him , every precious stone etc...and he decided to start worshipping himself. because he was so beautiful. (maybe you know some of his children who are following in his footsteps...) He convinced 1/3 of the angels in heaven at that time.... to worshp him instead of God .(We see this with celebrities, then they cannot handle the worship and get all messed up and start going down the dark spiral.)

Lucifer became darkened in his mind and wanted to receive worship. He became violent and He was soon kicked out of heaven with the 1/3 of the angels as he had decided to revolt against God. He lost his job as the head worshipping angel and because of his countenance he also had a name change to satan. The now called demons are the 1/3 of his angel followers. They were cast down to earth. This was before man was made. You can read this for yourself in the bible which is the recorded history of man and God. it is interesting and it is imperative to understand this information so that we do not follow or become deceived to follow after satan and then blame God the Father for our own choices..


Many people do not know that we have an enemy who is against us..Why is he against us you say? Because satan was dethroned from his high place of worship and God created man to worship God in the place of Lucifer. God actually breathed His spirit into man . satan (lower case on purpose) hates man because we are made in God's image. He wants to kill us because we have God living inside of our being (God's temple)!!!!

satan also already knows he is destined for hell and wants to take as many people with him as possible. he blinds their minds with darkness and hate against God deceiving even the elect of God. satan also speaks into people's thoughts telling them to blame God for all of the terrible things that happen to man, but it is the lower case "god of this world" , satan , who is the real enemy of our souls. he would want for you too to worship self, the creation instead of the Creator like he did . he also wants to take God's creation of man down because he knows he has little time as God the Father has already reserved a place for satan,( who used to be Lucifer ) and any who follow him specifically the 1/3 of angels not so much be separated from continuing to hurt God's children.

This place is called Hell. satan is not in hell YET as maybe we've been told, but it is a future place that he will be put in, He is here on earth with his demonic forces. The bible tells us that "We wrestle with principalities, rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in heavely places on earth not flesh and blood." (people so much as evil spirits working through people, remember we have a choice to listen to the voices). Heaven exists now and that is where God resides , when we die our spirits and soul go up to meet God.

God is the one who judges us and depending on our choices what we do with His son Jesus and accepting the sacrifice for our sins then we have chosen to go with those consequences whether good or bad. The bible says that "The god of this world has blinded the minds ". 2nd book of corinthians chapter 4 verse 4.

for more info, call upon the name of Jesus and you will have to ask God to open up your mind to understand His word in the bible. It is important to be patient with yourself as you will have to overcome many strong holds on your thinking as you will have to weed out all of the misinformation that you hav received through wrong teaching. Do not feel like you will need to change yourself. Come to God just as you are and let Him do the work . Ask His Holy Spirit who is our helper to lead you to the truth. O.K.? God bless you. God claims you as His own and He wants for you to come to Him and He will show you what do do next. He said that satan cannot ever come and snatch you out of His (God's) hand if you truly come to Him and He says that the other 2/3 of angels rejoice when you come into the Kingdom of God.

Here is a prayer you can pray.... "Dear Lord thank you for finding me and saving me. Thank you for revealing your truth to me and setting me on the right path.Thank you for delivering me from the evil one and that my mind will be enlightened to know You. I need a savior, I can't save myself, I've tried and well, I'm tired now.. Please help me. I receive what you have already done for me by providing a sacrifice of your Son to pay for all of my debt. Thank you for your debt relief plan that I am in so much need of. Lead me from here on out and do a work in me that I might glorify your name. I receive your Holy Spirit to help me and I receive all gifts that you have for me to help me with my new walk in you in these last days. In Jesus' name i pray. amen. "

Now open your mouth and give thanks to God with your new life and new spiritual gifts.