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Jessica Evrist


Identifying the name of that principality or ruler over your domain, bind it so it cannot continue in it's destruction.

09/12/2009 23:10

I'm understanding territories and ruling spirits a bit better than a few days ago..... I'm reading a few different books and tonight the service in church was awesome and the Holy spirit spoke through my pastor confirmation of such.

It is remarkable to understand that when YaHuWsHua did his miracles...and taught, that the religious leaders whom he often chastized because of their mindsets ...that the very thing they were accusing YaHuWsHua of doing, they were doing. these particular manifestations can also happen to us. We may hear the same thing from different people... so we start to look at ourselves.. what are we doing wrong? etc...

Then again we have to also look at it from another angle... who are we wrestling with? Do these people have the same manipulative spirits, judgemental spirits, lying spirits? If so, then we can recognize that just like when YaHuWsHua and his light came..... the darkness recognizes it and attacks with accusations. If we are constantly accused and we see that it isn't our fault then we know who the ruling spirit of that area is.

May i suggest the Jezebel spirit. It forces things before it's time.. "hurry up... hurry up.. make your decision or I'll make it for you..and you won't like it". To catch you in a snare... of impulsive shopping etc.... manipulative, lying, demanding, twisting the truth, accuser of the brethen.


YaHuWsHua was accused of healing people with the spirit of bealzebub. (The devil).. interesting that those religious spirits which are of the devil using the religious people were negative projecting to get people to not believe YaHuWsHua. Those brood of vipers.. snakes, he was referring to were devils and I always wondered why he would be so mean to those teachers. He was correcting the religious leaders and addressing their belief systems as they were accusing Yahuwshua to make him discredited. Are you battling accusations that seem to be twisted to discredit you?

If so, count it all joy because it produces fruit and if we are bearing fruit just know that the enemy is afraid of us because we are destroying his kingdom. Press on and be like Yahuwshua! Those spirits were trying to make him look evil but they did not succeed. YaHuWaH the Father has our back  when we act like Him. "And these signs shall follow those who believe, they will cast out demons, speak with new tongues , they shall lay hands on the sick and they will recover... and if they drink anything deadly it shall not harm them." "The gates of hell shall not prevail against the set apart ones."