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Jessica Evrist


"If I could just get that"............ assuming and presuming leads to thinking we deserve this.....

25/10/2009 14:23

You cannot be gracious to someone who feels like they deserve it or it is owed to them, they have made it impossible for you to minister grace to them. Works and grace coincide. Faith and works coincide. God will be gracious to us in a spirit of thankfulness. Undeserved favor is grace..


How many days do we waste.. years wasted....thinking about a thought.....coveting something....that we want and think that we need.. thinking thoughts like, "you deserve need this"... self pity can come in..


(Never pet a pouter....) "baby" (you got that right) To urge people on... to do things that they shouldn't is satanic. When you are laid up feeling sorry for yourself, you are not doing the things you are supposed to be doing. . Demonic activity can come into play when we sit alone feeling sorry for ourselves.


It's time to fight the works of darkness and pray in the spirit instead of succomb to the self life.. selfishness. 1 Kings 21 is contained a story of coveteousness, self pity then greed to death. It all started with a thought.


Be thankful with everything that you already not presume, assume or allow yourself to entertain thoughts of this is how it's going to happen. Just accept boundaries and pray it through.

(These are notes from watching faith life church in Branson. on God T.V. channel 365)