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Jessica Evrist


Inherited idolatry.

27/12/2010 09:03


We know not to love mother, daughter, father, son, more than our Lord. But what about our family traditions, man's traditions, false doctrine, or even doctrine of devils more than God's commands?


We know that the statistics in the church are about equal to the world's statistics in regard to divorce. Why is that so?  We are called to be set apart. If we do not learn our Father's ways.. then perhaps we have the "other father's" ways and we are getting the fruit of that reward.


You will know a tree by it's fruit.. we are to examine our own hearts and see if there is anything that we are holding back from the Lord's light. He wants us to love one another as Christ loved us and gave himself for us. We are to lay down on the altar of sacrifice and die to self.


We do know that unfortunately many do not submit to the Lord's ways.. so if they are to leave,(even , the teachings of Jesus and choose to be carnally minded with the mark of the beast, John 6:66) then a brother or sister is not in bondage especially to abuse of any sort. We know that "we do not wrestle with flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, spiritual wickedness in high places." But some marriages and relationships are filled with self will , rebellion and strongholds of sin.


We are commanded to "cast down any thought that rises up against the knowledge of God". We are also taught about how to take care of "our garden".. if there are any weeds they need to be immediately plucked out and not tolerated. The problem with tolerating weeds is that they if left alone will grow deep roots and multiply. Do not allow weeds in the garden of your relationships. Til the ground and soften it with love and plenty of the word of God.. use the word of God for pest -icide against pests/demons! Fight the good fight of faith. and remember that God is on your side beloved.


If you  read Matt 18: 15 -17 It tells you how to resolve a disagreement.. Always refer to the word of God rather than your justification of sin.


1. Go to the one who has offended you.. (If they repent.. no problem you have a brother or sister back.. they just received correction when you judged the sin and you outed the weed. Now most likely if you are having a disagreement look at 1 corin. 11:18 & 19. If that is the case.. the word of God will settle it and you will know who is "manifesting" the error and who is the true son of God.


2. If they do not see it like you do.. take with you two witnesses.. so that every word will be established. Good luck now- a- days getting any church who is not following the true word of God to follow and obey this step.. This is the step that should tell you if the church you are going to is in alignment with God. If you do not get to this point you are definitely dealing with a rebellious child or should I say son of the devil. If the church isn't doing a thing about it.. then leave that rent -a -pastor/congregation immediately. They obviously do not have apostolic order set in.


3. If you are successful... in finding yourself at this stage then congratulations on your persevering heart !! Most likely if you have to bring the matter to the church then you are dealing with a son of the devil.. or severely darkened carnal mind. This is usually when you end up going to the world to be heard in court..Don't bet on the justice system of the world though to bring justice to you. If you are in a perfect church meaning one that preaches the word and divides it correctly then you are about to witness a booting out of that wolf or spiritual lobatomy! Hallelujah!


4. The reason to boot out the culprit is to protect the sheep from that wolf who will devour or if the person is in total rebellion because of demonic oppression will cause the person to get help! Deliverance and repentance so that they can come back into the flock and be restored. Anything different is apostacy and the Lord will take the light from those who do not deal.. As a matter of fact.. The Lord will continue to give them over to the debasing of their mindset and they will be delivered to satan for the destruction of their flesh. God wants all to be obedient but if He has to break the rod of correction there will be a time that He will just remove the Holy Spirit from that person or that congregation.


Many are called but few are chosen.. walk uprightly and be chosen as He is coming back for a bride who is spotless and without wrinkle. God is judge and He is righteous everyone goes their own way and goes astray. The enemy is the one who has gotten to them before God.. so pull out the roots of idolatry and die like an obedient lamb on the altar of God's choosing.  Marriage problems? Christmas /pagan traditions? or God's obedience. How much of an inheritance do you want or want taken away? Restoration of the apostolic order is much needed. Obedience.