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Jessica Evrist


Ninininininininininini Ninevah!

24/08/2009 19:37

The spirit is repeating what Jesus said.., " I will make you fishers of men if you follow me."


So are you feeling the prompting of the Holy spirit to talk to others? How about at the grocery store? A woman walking very slowly with a walker.. her legs all dried up and shriveled barely having enough strength to stand.. or the homeless man in the thrift store enjoying reading a book on science as his means to stay inside of an air conditioned room shielded from the hot air outside? Or the young girl in the wheelchair at the outdoor mall ; What about our own shiclren when they are listening to music on thier ipod.. are they loanely? What about talking to them about their lives? We all get the telephone calls from sales people... oops. I forgot, they are human too... Was I rude to one because I couldn't understand his speech impedement? (I mean come on.. don't they train these sales people how to annunciate?)


                                Sometimes we just breeze by or steamroller over people and miss the Holy Spirit. We most likely have already offended the Holy Spirit

                                 so He leaves us there to muddle in our deaf and dumbness, then we think , Oh, i'll just step out and low and behold nothing happens..

                                Well, perhaps it is because He left! Should He always strive with us when we decide to become soul minded and do things from our

                                 ideas or are we supposed to be listening to His direction?

                                Well, Jonah was instructed to go and warn the people of Ninevah but he hated dealing with those people

                                 so he decided that he wanted to go fishing instead! Well, maybe we want to go shopping instead?

                               Then when those people are put right before us and we get that nagging ache inside to tell that person that God loves them..

                                or do we instead , not listen to that phone call that comes.. why did they call me?

                                Does God want to impart something through me to them? Do I invite them to draw closer to God or do I instead be rude to them

                                for interupting my day and ask to be taken off of their list?

                                 OOOOHHH. I do not want to be taken off of the Do not call on Me list of God's.... So maybe it's time to pray..

                                 Fast and pray in the spirit.

                                Is God calling us to go to our "Ninevah"?

                                If Ninevah is calling, will you answer? Or maybe you like to be alone in a dark and scary place..

                               like Jonah in the belly of the whale.... when he chose to do the opposite of what He was commanded.

                               Perhaps when you go to the people you hate, you might find friendship and family there after they see the light?

                               Then you won't be so lonely anymore in your seclusion. God loves relationships and God loves to be loved by people.

                                Thank you God for speaking to us today. We love you Father. What would you like for me to do now that I hear you?