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Jessica Evrist


"Testing , testing , one , two, check!!! " The Kingdom of Heaven. notes from the teaching of Dr. Barry Lenhardt

21/07/2009 22:15

These are notes taken from hearing a lecture by Dr. Barry Lendhart. the parenthesis are my interjections. 

(YaHuWsHua)/Jesus is our brother by family, savior by circumstance. (YaHuWsHua)/Jesus is family first. He said, "OUR FATHER who art in Heaven...."

He is our savior by circumstance. Taste and see that the Lord is Good.


The only time the devil can work  is with flesh and blood he cannot work through spirit..

(But satan will try to go through our weaker vessel which is our woman/soul) J.E.

(Why bad things happen and people do evil.) Why is God allowing it? He gave us authority over our domain... we are to walk in that dominion "What ever we allow will be allowed on earth and in heaven.. whatever we bind will be bound on earth and in heaven.". ( legalizing drugs on earth is stupid! Because carnal man cannot regulate themselves they need an overseer and ruler. Especially if they are bound by satan and the lusts of the flesh)J.E.

Command an atmosphere teaching the original intent instead of doing things for us....meetings are not souveniers that we can purchase trinkets that are not in our own territory.

the perspective you see depends on the background of what it is against. Barry says, "Embarass the grave yard, a truth of the age to come.  Jesus /(Yahuwshua) looked at Israel (woman/church) and related her to a prostitute. Woman! She saw Jesus /(Yahuwshua) , the last Adam standing there.. She did not know it was Jesus/(Yahuwshua). He called her by creation... "Woman".  call things by it's rightful name... The woman at the well , he was talking to her she had 5 husbands and the one she was with was her sixth Jesus/(Yahuwshua )was "the  seventh husband" God is not looking for a woman who is dead , who dies, He is here to embarrass the grave.


*****The body is going to be proportioned to the head. press towards the mark.. He isn't coming back to a dead church.. or for a company of people who are dying to get to life more abundantly. a byproduct of that consciousness is that you can raise dead people.

The first thing that happens when a government is being established is......

Anxiety is the evidence that unbelief and a disturbed presentation is expected. 

Economic crisis is setting the stage . Righteous understand their position to decree to nothing everything...

Children of Israel... you thirsty? Dig a hole . now "sing to the hole".... God will get us out to nothingness then ask us to create something out of nothingness. God looked at nothing and created the world. We can create out of nothing. God is asking for an invitation to co create with you when you got show that I'm prospering , I've got to start with nothing first.


The greatest accolade is when your child is like you....The Father is looking for the manifestation  of the sons/(spiritual people). God wants us to act like Him. Hell does not want to be embarrassed at it's weakness... we need to rob the graveyard.. What do you have to believe to get in the kingdom? think like God thinks.. how far you are going to live is what is your perspective? It's just a staff? wrong answer! throw it down.... see it's potential.


our citizenship is in heaven yet he left us here on the earth.. when Jesus /(Yahuwshua) prayed he (spoke) to the atmosphere to create...


your destiny wil be changed on what you eat... what are you eating? who are you hanging with? do you only exercise faith when you are in trouble? the just shall live by faith!


the gospel of the kingdom is beginning. in the gospel of the kingdom, (we preach the gospel of Jesus Christ/(Yahuwshua ) (but Jesus Christ/Yahuwshua) preached about the kingdom! "this kingdom is like a treasure buried in a field".  repent matt 4 :23 teaching and preaching the gospel of the kingdom... healing mattt 20:14 acts 1 kingdom of God.. what was Jesus /Yahuwshua preaching about.?. The Kingdom of God/(YaHuWaH).


We've been trained about the "witness of Christ", but we've not been trained how to make the event a lifestyle. atmospheres do not recognize imposters. until we are the voice of Him... atmospheres do not recognize imposters... what ever comes against you it will rule you... if you can sleep through it, (anxiety , worry.)then  you will rule it..


Birthright based on Jacob and Esau...

Esau went to work everyday and "then his usual mastery failed," ( he lost his job and he felt like dying.).. inconsistency, purpose unkown. when it finally dried up in the field.. he said," I love my job more than my far as my inconsitency of life is  it's my job...."  i use my birthright when my problems come but as far as inconsistency is.. it's my job.


spirit of Esau... ( I cannot recommend this teacher as I do not know his understanding.. I was just hearing his message and took notes... as I'm more aware now then in 09, i can see that this may be a bit new age... but.. I'm documenting how my understanding is changing and learning not to eat everything that is presented to me... at this present moment in 2014 I am enjoying the teachings of Jim Staley and


we can live beyond where we are at in the age to come,,,,,


Asking for the expansion of a greater government.

Death isn't peace..."rest in peace" is not peace! it's an embarrassment.!.. We should not be trying to get to Heaven...we need to bring Heaven here..Heaven is my blueprint to manifest it here on earth not wait to go see the blueprint. The Kingdom of God is upon us.

Undre fizer....( I also cannot recommend this teacher either as I believe that he does not understand about some things that I have learned, YHWH's commands are for us today and I do not know if this person is in agreement of that..)JE.

Truth is asking... are you going to become Me? Are you in or are you out?

You keep having problems because you are feeding them...( How about we keep having problems because we keep listening to false teachers instead of YHWH?)

parables are for the people who do not live in the kingdom. ( I'll take the parables!! Parables are the entrance to the Kingdom of Heaven... the carnal understanding of thinking that they are just stories.. are perhaps what you mean?)JE.

mysteries are for those who live in the kingdom.. ( We are to search out the mysteries of the kingdom.. yes.. the understanding of what the parables actually mean.)JE.

asking for the expansion of the kingdom here on earth . Annunciating the Glory of God!  (Obey YHWH's commands!) JE

In the kingdom..." nothing is impossible to those who believe." (Believe means to obey His commands though.)JE.

  It's crazy in "the natural" because "the Kingdom of God is Supernatural".


When you are in an experience.( I'm assuming he means, trial and tribulation/ test) JE.. hanging onto the mysteries (understanding the true meaning of the parables) JE. so it erradicates the problem..( I am assuming he may be saying, that when we understand parables in our lives.. YHWH is speaking to us through these examples that are living happenings in us.. at least that is what I believe..and perhaps I'm missing what the speaker is saying.. but.. now I have more understanding than in 09.) JE.

Anytime when you do not know what your purpose is are a living experiment... the atmosphere around you is going to keep flowing around you... we are not just here because we are just here..

You do not ask for needs as a slave because we are not sinners. ( uh.... well, i beg to differ on this one.. when we have been taught false teaching.. then we can totally miss the intended target!!) JE.

When we died with Christ, we died to self. (um... no... i do not agree on this one.... it's taken me years..... decades..... to grow up in my understanding.. and the only way I ever grew up... was to get out of the false teachings of this sort...This is the important thing..... not everyone has died to self and not everyone obeys His commands, so we must recognize if we are in the house or outside of the house.. because we are to be operating " in spirit and in truth". ) JE. 


He goes on to say.." we are Priests and Kings. we decree".(Just saying /speaking though is sometimes considered lip service... we are and we must think.. but.. if we are not hitting the mark of the target... then we must change). JE 

He says, We have already been predestined...Original intent...not just die and go to heaven... "I just want to die and be with Jesus.."( is what most ascribe to and that is sad!) JE.

 think like God thinks...(that would require us to die to self and obey His commands.. which are not difficult for us to follow.) JE.  dominion in God's breath.. we need to go back to the original intent...

inconsitency is.....a result of trying to live what one has not yet found. ( Inconsistency is when we are like chaff that drives with the wind listening to every false doctrine in false churches.... yikes! time to start listening and discerning false teachers people!! Learn the truth and ask the Ruach/Holy spirit to help you to discern from evil and good. ) JE.