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Jessica Evrist


The 5 covenants of the bible. Notes from God .T.v.

17/08/2009 22:24

 How many covenants affect us? Well if you are not Jewish then 4.  But if you are Jewish then all 5 covenants of the bible affect you.this is an unconditional covenant.

With every covenant there is a promise. Held by God.

Noah's covenant was the rainbow when God said He'd never flood the entire earth again...God regretted making man and so He flooded the earth and killed all but 8 people who were not walking in perversion. Noah and his family were saved along with  two of every kind of animal. What were the people doing that man made God so disgusted? Angels and human women were having sex and producing grotesque creatures called Nephilim. Men were having sex with men and women with women, men and animals were having sex. Perverted  and kinky sex as well as violence and every imagination of evil was on their minds continually. So God killed them all with a flood. The rainbow is God's promise that He will not destroy man in that way again.

Keeping life sacred. Murder must be paid with capitol punishment... Sacredness of life is not reduced to stealing. That is sacriliage.. After losing the sacredness of life with capitol punishment, then we find abortion and then next genocieWe need to make sure that the animal is dead before we eat of it, God sustains the earth an

His promise is to send the sun and the rain on the just  and the unjust and when He sees His rainbow it reminds Him of His covenant.

The new and the old testament are

Marriage is a covenant.


The last will and testament is a covenant.

God made a covenanct with People. He entered into a covenant marriage with Abraham, Issaac and Jacob. God took His wifes name. God is a covenenant keeping God. Israel is a promise that God keeps.


God cannot tell a lie, cannot break a promise,cannot do anything wrong, anything unjust. God does everything right. All right as He is a covenant keeping God. He is realiable, He is faithful, and you know He will keep His word.


more next time.....