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Jessica Evrist


The Gift of Sex.

17/12/2010 17:41

Sex outside of marriage will only cause you harm

Our society says, "No worries, don't fear or have alarm."

But the ones who do indulge, sin against their inward man

For it chips away at one's integrity, self-esteem, and land.


If God says no and you say yes,

You better check again before you undress

To see if you are true or if you're in denial your heart belongs to Him or that it is defiled.


You see, God knows about emotions, He made them, body too.

He lovingly cares for people, so He guides and instructs with rules.

If you decide to go your way, the consequences you will pay.

Our past decisions and choices result in who we are today.


I hope this poem will help you see that God knows us better than we.

He doesn't want to quench our fun, but save us by His only son

Who understands temptations and trials

And keeps us from the devil's wiles.


God made the gift of sex for unity

Between a man and wife to express the Trinity.

Both have their strengths and individuality

When together with commitment, love and joy, God blesses thee.


J.Evrist 2003