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Jessica Evrist


The" New Natural." God is the Super in our natural.

03/08/2009 23:45

Going green, 100% natural.. these are terms that are popular referring to going back to basics or choosing to use things to have a cleaner life. Let's take a quick glance at our basic natural beginnings.

When Adam the first man and woman made the choice of taking the knowledge of good and evil ,immediately after they took of that tree,they were conscious of good and evil. Before crossing that line... they were innocent but  Now they had judgements about things. they now started to operate in the soul realm instead of the spirit realm as when they walked with God by their spirit..  aha moment!

   Their creativity didn't flow as well as it did before. Because they had judgements about things now. "Hey, did you know you were like naked there?" "Let's grab those leaves and cover ourselves with them". (They didn't exactly invent staples or tape  on the spot   that took man centuries..because before they didn't need all these accessories.  Accessories....ugh..... I will praise God the day I can learn to communicate with my mind how to change the television set  that is an accessory too..or learn how to communicate with someone without having to charge my phone battery , another accessory , or use plugs and cords to plug into my computer, one accessory that I'm finding I do love to utilize.) Amazing how our thoughts are become written.. as a declaration before our eyes... hmmm. this is something to meditate upon.. I like that..

Back to the natural way that God intended, which is actualy Super natural because God is the Super in our natural. We are invited to enter into His rest. Things will be a lot easier when we start using our spirit to be led instead of waiting for ideas from our brain. Most judgements will keep us from just doing what we are supposed to do. If we give the Holy Spirit a place to sit upon us then His will can be acomplished through us. The Greek words have such meaning. When the Holy Spirit "comes upon us". He comes ands "rests upon us","sits upon us "and we are "to rest in HIm" Leaning upon HIm and He using us. God wants to sit on you.! Are you resting? Are you positioning your lap as His throne?


Letting Him do the work makes it easy for us. Jesus said," Take my yoke upon you, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light. When we do not have to strategize and figure out everything that God is needing to do... or people are needing to do... but God already has made a way for us to rely upon Him. All we have to do is be available.. "He will perfect that which concerns us "and "He will begin the work and finish the work until we become like Him".

Ask Him to come today and  let us also rest in His rest. Let the Holy Spirit sit upon you baptizing you with fresh fire /zeal and fresh oil/peace of Heaven. You will see the supernatural on a day to day basis and it will become the "new natural."