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Jessica Evrist


Apo calupysis the lifting of the veil...

26/07/2009 20:41

Apo means the lifting.. and calupsis means wearing of the veil.. since the time Adam fell in the garden man kind has not been able to know


the teacher Dutch Sheets was giving defintions of Greek words... maybe you recognize them...phototeedzo means to let in light enlighten.. photography language... a shutter opens and it lets in light and you capture an image.. If the shutter doesn't open then you don't get a picture.. The truth is if the veil doesn't lift then the image cannot get in of who God is. Paul the apostle prayed that "The eyes of our understanding would be enlightened to know the hope of HIs glory the riches of the inheritance in the saints."

John 16 when Jesus is teaching about the Holy Spirit. Can you imagine what the disciples thought when Jesus said..,...." It is to your benefit that I leave you... But I will send you a helper, the Holy Spirit."


In the Greek...the words..."Ana" means upward "gelo" to tell in return. to announce after you've come back. Holy Spirit what does heaven say? If we are leaders we need to ask the Holy Spirit what does He want for us to do.


in the Hebrew.. there is a word that means wisdom and revelation...Biyn. It means wisdom, (based on the past truth) revelation ( produces present truth for current skill), and discernment. that is which is revealed to you..King Solomon asked God for a heart that can hear... in order to lead his people.." give me a hearing heart, Biyn = Discernment. This is what Daniel had when he could get supernatural revelation from heaven for the king when he would interpret dreams. Like Joseph too. trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge God and He shall direct your path.


Wisdom produces consistency, balance... although sometimes because it is on the realm of their intellect it can be dead to have head knowledge. Wisdom maintains and sustains, keeps you from falling. Apostolic, wisdom, if you over emphasize wisdom at the expense of revelation you will become and old wineskin. The wine is the life of the spirit and cannot receive the new...Jesus won't put new wine in old wineskins because it will break. An old wineskin is not a person walking around in truth it is a person who is not walking in current revelation.

Most times when wisdom overemphasized... there is an independant strain that says I don't necessarily need any revelation because," I know it all and seen it all, I don't want to rock the boat so I handle it myself". The older they get they depend on revelation. The two need to be married.. Wise old wineskins. What is God telling you right now how to change this nation? formulas... religious without power.. routine without relationship. No current revelation.

The spirit of Revelation is different as it produces prophetic and introduces newness . revelation propels. Two different realms to walk in.. Dreams, visions and revelation can be exciting but God is wanting balance and to marry both wisdm and revelation.




These are notes taken from listening to Dutch Sheets. a teacher on Matt sorger's show on God T.v. channel 365 on direct T.v.