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Jessica Evrist


Could what we deem as harmless be the "Image of the Beast"?

31/12/2010 06:53


by Jessica Evrist on Friday, December 31, 2010.

I just woke up this "early before morning" at 3:33 am with these thoughts from scripture in the book of Revelations.

"And YHWH/God sent to them a strong delusion that they should worship "the image of the Beast" and this is what was said by the prophet Daniel about the desolation of abominations." (desolation means, to make desolate, death, destroy and to worship YHWH /God in a way that He says is an abomination!) So to make desolate, like barren, empty? In Vain? 

This is my very first thought upon waking... I remember what YHWH/God says He hates in Jeremiah 10 that "we are not to do like "the heathen"/(broad path which leads to destruction),.... go out into the forest, chop down a tree drag it into our houses, nail wooden pieces to the bottom so that the tree will not topple and hang silver and gold on it".... the picture brings to mind a "Christmas" (Christ mass (massacre) (to celebrate His death and look upon His torn body on the tree each week) "Christ mass" named by the Roman Catholic Church) tree.

As colorful as the pretty lights on the tree is and what seemed to be a fun family tradition past down from our ancestors,... It obviously is an idol and we inherited idolatry unbeknownst to us. "Surely, our Fathers have inherited lies!" Jeremiah. So who of us would even think that we were doing idol worship? What exactly do those things mean and in our society today, do we do idol worship? You betcha we do. What is worship? Just off the top of my head without looking in the dictionary I know that worship is what we spend time doing giving of our attention and resources... We could worship "images", symbols,thoughts,imaginations as well as real things like people, places and things .


So what is so harmful about the image of the "Christmas" tree? Let's look at what it represents instead of justifying it's harmlessness and our "fun".

First of all, YaHuWaH/God hates it. Not the tree itself for He made it.... it's the cutting down of the tree , the chopping off of it's base, killing the tree... that is a symbol of us and it is satan getting us to celebrate that we are the ones getting cut off the face of this earth.. It is a demonic celebration and we've been duped to celebrate our own death unknowingly!!!  It's an abomination to YaHuWaH because we get separated from Him by doing that ritual that satan made up for us to gleefully bow down to satan and not obey YaHuWaH!!!!

 We as YaHuWaH's children should hate all that He hates and love all that He loves. You may ask.... "How could YaHuWaH/God hate something that we love to do?? Or a tree that He created?" It's not so much the tree as "the symbol", "the Image". Let's look at that...

It says in  Psalm 1 that "we are LIKE trees planted by rivers of living water which yields forth it's fruit in due season and whose leaf shall not wither. The wicked are not so ,but are like the chaff which the wind drives away"..... what happens in the natural/ real physical world to all of those cut off "Christmas" trees after we have cut them off from their base/"life source" and put them in a shallow pan of sugar water?  After a few days having false illumination of electric lights, it dries out further all the pine needles! The "dead, cut off  tree" that was chopped off from it's base has died and we start to see the death in all the dried out pine needles eventually throwing out the dead tree for the trash or in some cases "made for the fire". Dead pine needles= "like chaff which the wind drives away"... these are real things but also symbolizes us!! celebrating that we are getting cut off for doing that worship... and yes, it is a ritual of worship... tradition!...


Another thing I remember waking up was that satan said, in the book of Isaiah, chapter 14 that, " I will exalt my throne above YHWH/God's!" right before falling down from heaven! Yahuwshua/Jesus said, "I saw Satan fall from heaven as lightning",

 That "Christmas" tree which is dead and cut off for our temporary revelry is an act of selfishness....Now listen, WHO is cut off? Those who do that.  And cut off from what? Life. What was the tree of life? In the beginning Adam and Eve ate from the tree of life. What is the tree of life? (I have even heard that the male anatomy is also called a tree and the seed is life). True that that is how we are started with the seed and the egg. What was the other tree in the garden? The tree of knowledge of good and evil. Would that have been choice to choose good or evil? We were not to have eaten from that. Because man was kicked out of the garden, we have not necessarily known what those trees are at least to my understanding as of yet,...But even nature tells us good fruit comes from a good tree and bad fruit comes from a bad tree. No fruit at all comes from a tree that does not bear fruit. But we are called to bear good fruit. That tells us obedience  to YHWH and good works that we should walk in them.


The point of this writing is the fact that YHWH/God hates that we worship a "dead image" and that the devil wants us to worship a "vain image" (vain meaning something for nothing)... because he wants us to do the total opposite of what God wants and of course bear his image and not YHWH's image.

Being raised up In the Catholic Church I remember being repulsed to see a dead bloody savior with a crown of "thorns"(another dead image) piercing through his head, Yahuwshua/Jesus, hung on the cross with nails to fasten Him in an upright position... that "Christ massacre tree" is also dead and is hung or standing up on " pieces of wood", a cross no less with nails to make it upright like Christ was on the cross.


Satan is the author of rebellion and wants us to do his bidding and not YHWH/God's. YaHuWaH is the author of life and we are made for life and life abundantly. "Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy" and will use any means of deception to keep us from YHWH's best. satan has always used a "copy of an image" diametrically opposing YaHuWaH because his illumination comes from a secondary source like the Moon reflects the Sun. Death is something that satan exalts and wants us to go down with him because he already knows he is a defeated foe . If he can get us to rebel against YHWH he will trick us into vain worship and vain means empty, having no value, good for nothing, except to fool us.

"Broad is the way of destruction but narrow is the path to life, but few find it." One thing I have observed is.. that if the world is doing it, then I probably should not....because the world's father let's them do what ever they want.. lawlessness, disobedience... this way he can rule them and they have unspoken allegiance to him and he gets the worship... while the people think that it was their own choice.. no.. it was the duping of the enemy for a trap! To kill, steal and destroy!

I recently viewed a music video that I was "curious" to view as I stumbled upon the inviting image on the internet. I  had heard so much of this artist from clients watching award shows on the tell-a-vision and because I haven't been exposed to much television in the last five years, the imagery shocked me as it lures the viewers with every vile imagination possible taking people captive with the eyes and ears of fast moving colorful images set to music and singing. What a luring trap!


It starts within a prison house behind jail cells with seductive women scantily clothed lustfully looking upon the music artist as she turns to kiss another woman in a very lustful demonstration of same sex but cross dressing, which reeks of confusion and ends with all sorts of suggestive bondage and illegal bribery. A "mixing"  with playfulness and unashamedly suggestive imagery, craftily weaved into something "fun" escaping prison and putting thoughts into viewers that "being a celebrity you can get out of any penalties". but that is not true folks.. it may appear.... that these people have friends in high places.... but.. the celebrities sell their soul in agreement to get the out of jail and then the celebrities are forced to do unspeakable things of demonstration to satan and the illuminati... supposed illuminated ones.... but no... they have demons giving them these ideas and rituals to put people in bondage and sell their souls to the devil.


The seductively alluring scheme shows then two "famous artists" now posing as waitresses and using potions that the primary artist concocts , a colorfully alluring blue bottle of poison for the villainess "to poor into " what the "people are eating" (viewing) in the restaurant/(video) as the two famous singers under the "guise of entertainment" dance around dead people dying while the images produce the very thing of "life being sucked out" of it's viewers taking them down vain imaginary roads of demonic proportions. It is an abomination and reeks of Jezebel mixing beautiful imagery, color, entertainment with spell binding witchcraft and demonic possession, even in the way the camera makes the artists move with artificial jerky  moves making them look emotionless and callous monsters. The viewers are not aware that they are becoming desensitized and hypnotically open to suggestion that these things are cool.


This is that same "spirit of Jezebel" that is in "the Holidays" (NOT REAL HOLY DAYS ordained by YHWH/God though) these holidays that satan and his cohorts have been getting many people to do have a way of  mixing death with celebration, singing and dancing while everyone involved becomes spell bound with confusion and witchcraft. It's the same death road taking the one involved down to the depths of depravity "laughing all the way" and mocking YaHuWaH/God and life. Wake up the trumpet is blaring! Check on youtube , "The mystery of christmas" by Norm Franz for more information.