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Jessica Evrist


Notes on Bob Cathers teaching about relationships. Jul, 12, 09 Reseda Vineyard Spanish Congregation & Revelation knowledge available for healing.

13/07/2009 10:03

I actually didn't take any written notes.. I'm trying to remember what was spoken yesterday at the spanish church. pastor Bob had an interpreter to speak to the Spanish speaking people. Some Aha moments took place so I'm tryng to dish out what I remember..


The scripture was something that I've been hearing myself a lot lately...."For we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but prinicpalities, rulers of darkness in spiritual wickedness in the heavenly places."

Pastor Bob Cathers from the Gathering place in Simi Valley spoke to the spanish church and said that this scripture is about relationships. well, i didn't think so.... where was he coming from? What is he saying? Oh, the first part of it.. o.k. i see what he is saying... For we wrestle not with flesh and blood. people..


God is all about people. God loves people and He loves relationships. Satan hates people.... in retrospect, I've heard people even in my own family and come to think of it,, I think that is a "familiar spirit "because i do remember when i was young saying or thinking that same thing... especially after I've been hurt or betrayed.... i've often heard my own family saying at times... "I hate people" oh so that is not us thinking those things but the enemy trying to use us as hosts!!!!! You see cause those evil spirits do not have a body and they want to reside in something..

ahhh. big aha right here.. just like the example of when the legion of demons were in that man and they asked Jesus to not send them into the dry places but send them into the you know the passage, it really happened you know? hmm so the dry places.. ok. I'll have to remember to send them there if I encounter any. the dry places. go to the dry places where they will remain inoperable.


Listen up church that up there is some good inside information , God's revelation do you see it? wow!!!!! I get it.


You see the Pastor was saying that fallen angels, demonic spirits ,(and this is deep people.. check it out... ) they have their own emotions (jealousy, anger, fear, anxiety, etc. ) wow F.YI. I can see that..., have experienced that myself too...

....just like we have spirits and souls they ARE spirits (angels) and have their emotions, thoughts, and sicknesses that are attached with them. did you hear that? they have diseases!!!! those diseases are not ours!! those diseases they carry are like tics with lyme disease. or squirrels with!!!! hey those demons carry arthritis. cancer, pain.. that belongs to a bitter evil spirit or unforgiving spirit. not you people! but if you allow them and take on their thoughts as yours..this is the big aha.. why we are commanded to not let the sun go down on our anger etc...not have an unforgiving spirit.. wow..(. wonder if that was like the "vampire" legend....hmmm. sorry, i got distracted.. see how easy our thoughts can shift? )


..if we have given the enemy a foothold or given over our authority so to speak... taken the bite of the apple or bought it hook line and sinker that those thoughts are ours and that they belong to us because we deseve them.. or because it is hereditary.. well, the sins of the fathers.. that would be familiar spirits.. passed down I can se that... Do not recieve it. we are redeemed from the curses of the law. so do not let the diseases allowed to be there or then they are being allowed by you because of your ignorance.


(hmm. like the scripture about when we take communion or offer any offering, "but if we have any ought against another then we are to leave the offering and make it good with that other person otherwise some have fallen asleep " I wonder if that means not death but literally be ignorant and not hear God? hmmm. that I don't know., I just thought of that.....)....


Anything that is contrary to God's word we need to put it off... so "loose the stronghold off of your thinking " right now that" oh, that is what happens when i get old,or, it is normal", Or the thought of...." I lack something in my diet or I have a disorder "etc..., bind up that lying spirit and cast it into the dry places.


(Lay hold of this people right now... If you have any ought against anyone, or any unforgiveness. release it so that you may be healed. It says so in the word. "confess your faults one to another so that you may be healed". Are you gonna believe what God says to you? Or will you choose to feel the deception of the enemy with your feelings and listen to the lies, you do not deserve sicknesses as Jesus had 39 stripes on His back and that was 39 different strains of sicknesses that He redeemed us from.

Or "are you gonna let the enemy rob it from you? give him the victory"? God is looking for anyone to believe HIm and what He SAYS about your situation. You will have to study the scriptures and get them in your spirit if not your head...our eyes are being opened to spiritual things right now. if you allow it and not go turn on the t.v. or read a people magazine junk... remember this.. do not forget healed. you are worth it. God wants to use you to further His kingdom, The Kingdom of God is upon us.)


Just know that those spirits, they do not have a body like we do... so they try to use us making us believe that those thoughts they try to wisper in our ear are our own thoughts...... like for instance... we somehow start with a foot hold getting hurt by people so then we say out of our mouths after we actually think the thought... ie. "I hate people" well, that thought was not our own thought. it did not originate with us.. we perhaps got hurt , offended, then the temptation came to speak what that demon spoke to our thinking.. doesn't this now make sense? oh yes it does....


So pastor Bob was saying that in a relationship which all of us have to relate to someone, even if it is a casual meeting with someone at the gas staion, store etc., negative thoughts can come, temptations can come to us like after we are disappointed or get mad at lets say a spouse... that would come with some emotion of lets say anger.. well that demon that has the anger or fear, attached to it,( because "we do not have the spirit of fear "it says so in the bible) will try to get a host to hurt that other person... (I've often sensed that in myself at times.. like such a relishing  or rush in being crafty to hurt a person with words, (apparently not mine) it was sick... have you ever felt the Holy Spirit grieved with what you have said or done?


After sinning like that against another person or myself, I felt used ( ah, lended myself to the dark side) to hurt a person with my sharp tongue and actually delighted in it.. sick!!!! Like you know you just shot arrows right to the heart....well I never even considered that it was a demonic spirit using me as a host. (Gee, maybe that movie "Ghost" with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore had some insight there..).. I had thought that they couldn't use us as believers... now i can see that it says specifically to believers that "We do not wrestle with flesh and blood." but against who? "Principalities, rulers of darkness in spiritual wickedness in the heavenlies" . wow!!!!!


So then we need to present our bodies as a living sacrifice to God and not to be used by the devil to hurt others or ourselves with the words that come to us making it seem like they are our own thoughts then we birth them forth in the air with power then sometimes even act upon them. Then there is also that great scripture given to me on my honeymoon.

" Let no unwholesome word ever come out of your mouth but only such as word that is good for edification according to the need of the moment that it may give grace to the hearers. And do not grieve the Holy Spirit for whom you are sealed for the day of redemption." Eph 4 :29 & 30.

eeesh!!! I know I've done that.. Please forgive me.."Lord, open up the eyes of my understanding so I can know when the enemy comes like a thief in "the darkness "or in my own ignorance."


I think we as the church have been deceived to thinking that we aren't dealing with an invisible enemy force. We haven't had any or much teaching about that... sometimes I've even heard the lies from the enemy said through believers or from pulpits of ignorant teachers of the truths of God. They bringing condemnation about us even thinking that we have demon forces... ie. mocking other believers saying things like oh...." demon around every bush mentality " . This spirit here is identified !!!! which is a total "mockery" spirit. In addition to mocking the gifts of the Holy Spirit because "their darkened minds do not understand the things of the Spirit".

We are not to forbid tongues ( this is my lifeline!) and the bible does say that "These gifts will follow those who believe.. t.hey shall......they shall lay hands on people and they will be healed "in addition to other gifts read it for yourself!!!! we need to utilize the weapons of our warfare and gifts that build us up ie. tongues for our spirit, prophecy for our minds. 1 Jude 20 . To forbid it is a doctrine given by another angel ,satan. that right there is the enemy deceiving the deliverer /teacher of that message against what God commands. That person /leader doesnt even know what they are doing...they do not even know they are being used to thwart God's people for victory!

We are not losers... we are more than conquerors, The bible says , we are the righteousness of God in Christ and Paul tells us that we can stop sinning, that is of the flesh and that is also of demons. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us as we are victorious especially under the proper leadership. "Self indulgence" is delighting in mockery and minimizing God's knowledge of what is best for us. "In the last days they will say good is evil and evil is good. Be led by the Spirit" and choose wisely whom you will serve. Do you want to please man or God?


We need to repent and start supporting one another building one another up and speaking words of life instead of death words, rather than mocking and being used by demons. Pray for all leaders so that they can get this knowledge in their spirits. "Believers build yourselves up on your most holy faith praying in the spirit." Otherwise, better check yourself to not be in "the synagogue of satan."


Wow! this is deep. So we have been deceived into thinking that those dark and negative thoughts are our own? Sometimes hurtful words or even mockery can come through radio personalities, pastors, your spouse ,yourself or your own children? Then we speak them into being , into the atmosphere...and then act upon hurt others and close the minds (doors) of others to cause them to be unfruitful in claiming what belongs to them through Christ .

Well, I do know the solution. We need to hear these hard words and wake up!!!!!! We are the ones who need to put off the carnal things of folly and grow up , renew our minds and our own thinking...we need to infuse our minds with hearing the word of God ! "Faith comes by hearing and HEARING the word of God. "

Why so much emphasis on hearing? Well, look at the counterfeit how he does battle... in the spirit realm the invisible realm.. kind of like internet theft secretly when you are not aware..... the enemy, yes we are in a battle, whispers thoughts or words or ideas into our ears into our minds....through songs through meditation of movie phrases ..yeah that is a form of meditation and you do not want to allow for a spirit of fear by allowing movies into your eye and ear gates that will harm your soul.....Do you have nightmares? How do you know you are not battling demons because they know you are in a state of weakness, asleep, then we believe it to be our own thoughts then act upon the information in our thoughts? The enemy is a theif he will steal from you when you are sleeping!!!!


We are to act upon the word of God. We are to "cast down every high and lofty thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God" so when we get a thought or a word from the outside of us that says, "we are losers" we know that we are not because it says in the mirror of the word of God that "We are victorious through Christ, we are more than overcomers, we are the head and not the tail , we are above and not beneath, no weapon formed against us shall prosper and any tongue that rises against us in judgement we shall condemn".


So people ,let us examine ourselves and repent for not being aware and let us wake up and put on the shield of faith , the helmet of salvation, and use the sword of the spirit which is the word of God.!!! "For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but they are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds (thoughts like we are going to die or people will not like us , thoughts like there are no demon forces, the gifts are not for today....etc.) and every high and lofty thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God."


Whew! Awesome. Be blessed. "Let us put off the old man and take on the new man renewing our minds with the word of God." AMEN!