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Jessica Evrist


Saints or sinners? Priests, Lords, Kings, Hosts or slaves and prodigal sons. which are you?

07/08/2009 07:10

We are Heavenly Hosts!

Our Father, who is in Heaven , Hallowed be thy name.

THY KINGDOM COME, thy will be done.....ON EARTH. as it is in heaven.

(we aren't supposed to want to die and go to heaven.)

We are supposed to occupy until he comes...

but we are called to be hosts of heaven and bring heaven to earth.

We are Kings..and Lords.. we are to take dominion of our kingdom that we call our domain..

It is an insult to a King to have his subjects in want and in poverty.... always wanting....

we are to be walking in the original intent of Adam.   Dominion.

 Dominion and our rights were bought back from the devil by Jesus.

We have been given the kingdom. The kingdom of heaven is upon us...

we have the Holy Spirit upon us...

When we rest , then we become the throne for the Holy Spirit to sit or rest upon us.

It is a double resting upon... in the Greek... He rests upon us and we rest in Him..


a leaning upon each other..

"Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords!"

(If you are a land lord then you own something.) You are a Lord..

We are "Kings and priests "as well..

we are "intercessors"..

so we best be recognizing that "we are sitting in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus".

Not (just or always) sinners saved by grace..

"We were sinners saved by grace but we have died and our life is Hid in Christ Jesus."

We are sons and daughters of the most HIgh..

We need not be living in the slave or prodigal son mentality in sin consciousness ,

but God consciousness..

We need to claim our "rightful inheritance in the saints"..

yes. we are saints of God... clothed in our robes of righteousness..

"We are above and not beneath the head and not the tail...

therefore there is no condemnation to usward who believe."